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Why ThreeFold?


As a Waldorf teacher, I studied the Threefold human being for over 20 years. As a biodynamic farmer, I learned about the plant as an upside-down human.

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Threefold Human Being

Humans and plants – the common ground:

Goethe describes the archetype of all plants as consisting of three parts:

  • The roots
  • The leaves and stem
  • The flowers and fruits

The human body is a balance between two poles:
The nervous system.
The digestive system, reproductive system, and limbs.

In between these extreme lives, the rhythmic system of the heart and the lungs

These two poles and the “inbetween” differ in how they are formed and in their function.

The Brain & the Roots

The skull encloses the nervous system, which gets all its information from the small “holes” that comprise the senses. In the brain, the blood-brain barrier separates the blood and the nerves. Fat creates another layer of protection that allows the nerves to stay dry to create an optimal environment for electric pulses to pass between axons. The brain cannot move or “do” much, mostly observing like an eagle gliding in the sky.

Roots are enclosed in the earth. Once exposed to light and air, most plant roots will die. The shape and color of roots (white-gray) look pretty much the same as the nervous system in our brain. Roots are also a sense organ of plants as they “taste” the soil and absorb minerals from it.

ashwagandha root
echinacea flower

Metabolism, The Reproductive System, and Limb & The Flower

The metabolic system and the limbs are open and vulnerable to the world. Bones do not protect the digestive system, limbs, and reproductive system; therefore, they are exposed to the light and warmth of the sun. While the brain needs cool conditions to “stay cool and focused,” the digestive system produces warmth and fluids through its function. The limbs radiate out into the world through the muscles, allowing us to move.

The common thread between these systems is that we create and manifest our will in the world through them.


The flower is the part of the plant that reaches out toward the warmth and light of the sun. More than in any other part of the plant, flowers are where plants manifest their uniqueness in color and form.

In between live the heart, lungs & leaves.

The heart and lungs are protected by the rib cage. But unlike the skull, the rib cage is open as much as it is closed. The ribs create a rhythm in the way that they are shaped. Breathing and circulation follow the morphology of the rib cage and create a rhythm that flows between an inhale and an exhale, a diastole and a systole.

Leaves are arranged around the stem in a rhythmic interval, very much like the ribs and the vertebra. They breathe in the same way that our lungs breathe. Through them, we experience the air element. Leaves “inhale” carbon dioxide and “exhale” oxygen necessary for human breathing.

thyme leaves

Like every rule, there are exemptions: carrots are orange, beets are red, and some lettuces and chard are red or purple. These unique cases provide more complex nourishing and healing qualities.

As an herbalist, I aim to use “healing foods and nourishing herbs” as the stepping stone for building well-being. I am inspired by Goethe’s observation of plants and humans.

In honor of the bond and the shared history between humans and plants, I felt called to name my new business ThreeFold Herbal Healing.

What can you expect when you work with me?

“It is far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has.” 

― Hippocrates

In my clinical practice, I attend to the whole human being when I combine nutrition and stress management, including sleep, with herbalism.

My training brings together science-based knowledge with the wisdom of traditional Western herbalism.

Now you know a little about me. Here is how I can help you!

My amazing teachers on the plant path:

Thomas Easley of the Eclectic School of Herbal Medicine – Clinical Herbalist

Paul Bergner – Elimination Diet for Optimal Health – Food Allergies

Guido Masse – Natural Cardiovascular Care

Charis Lindrooth – Keep your Brain Brilliant – Natural Nervous System Care

Rosemary Gladstar – The Science and Art of Herbalism


ThreeFold Herbal Healing

Keene, New Hampshire

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