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From the seed in the greenhouse, to the bag or jar, all our products are handcrafted with care and attention to details.


Here is the story of Tulsi’s journey from seed to product

Thank You…Thank You!!! Thank You!!!

So enjoy your beautiful, beneficial, caring, well-crafted, and inspired teas and infused honey!!!
Can’t wait to get the gift boxes and share them with my family!!!
Thank you for all the love and care you put into your products!!!

Jennifer Ireland


My work as an herb grower is inspired by Biodynamic Agriculture. To me it means:

Fostering a vision of the garden as an organism

that provides itself with all the resources it needs in order to thrive.

  • Cultivating my own compost pile
  • Collecting seeds when possible

Supporting the vitality of the plants that I grow through encouraging soil health

  • Applying compost and biodynamic preparations
  • Using no till methods.

Supporting biodiversity of plants and animals in the garden.

The garden is home to close to one hundred different kinds of healing plants. Many of them attract pollinators.

Hand on approach and a direct experience with the plants.

All the garden work and products preparation is done by hand

Cultivate a life of inner awareness, meditation and clear intentions in my own life.

I believe that the inner work of the gardener radiates into the plants that I grow and the remedies that I make

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