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ThreeFold Herbal Healing

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ThreeFold Herbal Healing is a small-scale herbal apothecary,

online herbal classroom, & an herbal clinic.

Welcome to ThreeFold Herbal Healing Community. I am so glad you joined our journey through the plant path. Our steps will follow those of great witches, alchemists, monks, nuns, and homemakers. With great respect for their wisdom and wonders of nature, I invite you to walk with me.

My name is Lior Sadeh. I am a herb gardener, herbal potion maker, and clinical herbalist. The foundation of my work is that if you allow yourself to reconnect with your own body, you will inadvertently reconnect with the healing powers of nature.

If you heal yourself, you heal the planet.


I weave together traditional western herbalism with an evidence based functional approach sprinkled with a dash of magic!


Do you feel exhausted most days? Do you struggle with finding enough energy to enjoy your day-to-day life?


 Living with constant fatigue is not just frustrating but can become limiting. You want so much more from life than just day-to-day survival. Your fatigue is NOT your fault, and there is NO shame involved in looking for a solution. 

Take this 2 minute self assessment quiz to find out the underlying cause of your frustrating fatigue!

Join the plant path…

what is microbiome?

The Microbiome

May 2024

Microbiome 101

Bacteria, viruses, and fungi are all around and inside us. Here are some fun facts about your relationship with them

microbiome benefits for immunity

The Microbiome

May 2024

The Microbiome & The Immune System

It intriguing that we have a host of bacteria,  living in our bodies, yet our immune system, does not attack them. 

How the microbiome affect digestion

The Microbiome

  May 2024

The Microbiome Digestion & Metabolism

The process of turning food into nutrients is labor-intensive. Fortunately, we got help from our old friends the microbiome.

how gut bacteria can reduce depression

The Microbiome

May 2024

The Microbiome & Your Mood

The gut bacteria and the brain are connected. A balanced microbiome plays a vital role in preventing depression and anxiety.

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