Helping women reconnect with their body and achieve well-being

Cool the Flame

Do you struggle with a chronic inflammatory condition that reduces the quality of your life? Then Cool the Flame is for you!

The majority of people with whom I speak at farmer’s markets or who contact me for advice struggle with inflammation that holds them back from living their lives to their full potential.

Inflammation is the real pandemic of our time. It’s the root cause of many chronic diseases, including heart disease, autoimmune diseases, obesity, diabetes, mood disorders, arthritis, and more.

Cool the Flame is for you if you’re ready to put in the work and make lifestyle changes that will allow you to live better!

Each course in the Cool the Flame program focuses on a specific aspect of the inflammatory condition. The courses can be taken individually, but participants will benefit most from enrolling in the entire program, as it’s designed to help create the foundation for establishing and maintaining an anti-inflammatory lifestyle.

When you register for a course, you receive LIFETIME ACCESS to it. You can always go back, refresh what you’ve learned, deepen your understanding, and master the skills.

Registration Options:

  • All Cool the Flame courses can be purchased individually for $225 each.
  • Join the full ANTI-INFLAMMATORY program (6 courses) for $1200 (6×200) and save $150.
  • Monthly payment options are available!

Cool The Flame – An Holistic Program For Reducing Inflammation

Jan 2024

Eat Well, Bee Well

Indigestion: The Gut-Immune Connection

Mar 2024

Detox is a Lifestyle

Apr 2024

An Epidemic of Absence: Gut Bacteria

Jun 2024

Stress Gut & The Immune System

Aug 2024

The Desiring Mind: Food Cravings

Oct 2024

When you enroll in Cool the Flame you’ll gain:

  • An understanding of the root cause of inflammation.
  • A “small steps” approach to lifestyle changes that can reduce inflammation.
  • Strategies for improving inflammatory symptoms.
  • A feeling of being at home in a body that is energized and vital.
  • Confidence and peace from knowing how to care for yourself.

Please let me introduce myself! My name is Lior:  Woman, mother of three, and herbalist who followed her dream fourteen years ago and started Bee Fields Farm.  I’ve spent my summers seeding, weeding, harvesting, and making plant-based medicine. In the winter, my attention turned to studying functional medical herbalism. Through years of study and experience, my focus has shifted, and I am now devoting my business to helping women who struggle with inflammation.

As an herbalist, I bring together my direct experience with the plants in the garden and a science-based approach to the human body. More than anything, studying herbalism led me to a journey of self-healing. I now connect with my body in a way I never could before. Just think: Our bodies developed for more than six million years in tandem with nature. Before processed foods and chemical additives, nature provided everything the body needed. Rediscover your body’s connection to nature and regain agency over your body’s well-being. Embracing healthy habits can lead to true freedom, leading to a better you.

My courses will take you on a journey of self-discovery that will open your mind to a new way of being: well-being!

I believe in herbalism that

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