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stinging nettle for detox

April 2024



Four Herbs 4 Detox

  • Red Clover
  • Stinging Nettle
  • Yarrow
  • Cayenne

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The Water Element

Spring was traditionally a beginning. It marks the start of the growing season when farmers clean up the garden, prepare beds, and sow seeds.

In the same way that you will never dream of sowing seeds in soil still uncleaned from the waste of last year’s growing season, you want to prepare your inner garden for the new seedlings that grow in spring and summer.

The spring cleansing of the body, the soul’s home, originated from the spring cleanse of gardens and fields.


Four organs process and eliminate toxins from the body:

  • The lymphatic fluids
  • The kidneys
  • The liver
  • The skin

The Kidneys

When considering supporting the kidneys as an elimination organ, you must understand their two-faceted role. The kidneys maintain a balance between fluids and minerals in the body. They are doing so by:

Managing the amount of fluid in the body. The kidneys adjust how much fluid we eliminate and how much we absorb back into the body after they are filtered.

nettle health benefits

At the same time, the kidneys regulate the amount of minerals in the body. When you eat a salty snack, you feel thirsty and drink, which allows the kidneys to wash the excess salts from the body with your next run to the bathroom.

Herbs that support the kidneys in these capacities are diuretic and nutritive.

Diuretic herbs

Diuretic herbs help the body manage excess fluids, such as in cases of high blood pressure or edema. You might think of them as the person who manages water flow from a dam. When the water behind the dam rises, he will open the lever and release some water.

Nutritive herbs

Nutritive herbs provide the body with abundant nutrients, usually minerals and proteins. They are considered power foods and can supplement your diet, support overall health, or address a specific nutrient deficiency.


Stinging Nettle

In my garden, stinging Nettle is beginning to peek its head from the dark soil.

Nettle is a diuretic.

A diuretic alterative, nettle is beneficial for damp conditions. It is used for “bed blood syndrome,” when the extracellular fluid slows down. The liver, blood, and lymph become stagnant. The cells are malnourished and bathed with toxins. People with different constitutions will express this condition differently. Some people express it through the skin, such as in eczema or boils. Other people might get these waste products deposited in their joints and get arthritis, stiff, swollen joints, etc.

Nettle will help dissolve waste products, specifically the type associated with protein digestion that tends to contain nitrogen and be acidic. Stinging nettle can help the liver process the nitrogen and move it to the kidneys to eliminate it.

Two more conditions that might benefit from nettle diuretic and alterative action are gout and arthritis. In gout, uric acid crystals are deposited in the tissues, primarily in the toes (furthest away from the heart). Gout is painful and can be debilitating. In arthritis, minerals are deposited in the joint, causing stiffness and pain. Nettle helps break down mineral deposits in the body, flush the area, and move them to the kidneys to be eliminated.

Because it is a diuretic, it has an affinity to the kidneys, nettle helps in urinary tract infections by flushing the kidneys and urinary tract.


Stinging Nettle nutritive power

Hans Christen Andersen wrote a fairy tale about 11 brothers, a prince, and their youngest sister, the princess I loved as a child. As the story continues, their wicked stepmother transforms the eleven brothers into swans, symbolizing Nettle’s relationship with iron. A crone instructed their younger sister to weave a Nettle gown for each one of the swans. Once they wore the Nettle gowns, they returned to their human form.

Although Nettle was used throughout history for clothing, this beautiful legend symbolizes iron in the body. If you have ever had anemia, you will recognize the feeling of brain fog, being somewhat detached from your body, having difficulty focusing, and remembering what you meant to do. The human self is pulled out and is airy floating like a swan. The iron carried by the blood centers us and allows us to be fully embodied.

The vital interconnection between blood and iron is expressed in Hebrew; the word “Adam” means human, while “dam” means blood. Nettle, the “iron plant,” changes the entire energetic system. It contains more protein than any other wild plant, large amounts of iron, trace minerals, fat, and chlorophyll. It is the herb for debility when the body needs nutrition.

In the spring, you can find Nettle in waste fields near the compost pile in a partly shaded area. It grows in a fertilized, humid soil, especially near animal waste.

Remember to wear long sleeves, pants, shirts, and gloves when you go forage for nettles. The sting of nettles, though healthy, is very harsh.


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