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Detox mindset

March 2024


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Less is more

Sometimes, more is less, or how your mind might trick you into thinking more will solve all your problems.

Leidy Klutz, a professor at the University of Virginia, School of Engineers and Architecture, was sitting on his living room floor one day, building a Lego bridge with his son.

After constructing the bridge’s two “legs,” they were about to add the span but discovered one leg was higher than the other. Professor Kluz immediately turned around, looking for the right Lego block to add to the short leg. When he turned back to face his son, he discovered that his son had already solved the problem, not by adding a block but by subtracting one.

That shift in focus led the professor to carry a model of the bridge and experiment on his students. He discovered that most, if not all, of them were looking to add to the design rather than subtract.

Leidy Klotz less is more

The scarcity bias

Did it ever happen to you that you faced a problem and were looking for a solution? What was your tendency? Would you add something or subtract?

The research found that the human brain is programmed to add more tools or staff when trying to solve a problem. That makes sense if we go back in human history; only 10000 years ago, our forefathers and mothers were hunters and gatherers. They spent most of their days collecting food. Since they were constantly on the move, they couldn’t amass large amounts of food, tools, or clothing. They lived in a scarcity reality.

We inherited their scarcity mindset, but most live with abundant reality. Our plates are full, and we can surely trust that we will have access to food at the next meal, yet we feel the need to eat beyond satiation and to snack constantly.

When we face a problem, either physical or emotional, we are likely to shop for a solution. For me, it is books. I find the answers to all my questions in books, so whenever a problem arises, I will look for the book that will solve it.

There is no fault in adding staff to your plate; it’s all in the “dosage.” Herbalists figured out that some plants that could be highly toxic in even moderate dosages could be a potent medicine when used in micro-dosing.

Food is essential nourishment for the body, clothes keep you warm, and beautiful books or furniture can feed your soul, but how much is enough? And when are they becoming toxic?

Spring was traditionally a time to detox, leaving behind the weight of winter and planting seeds for new opportunities. As we feel nature shift into the light of spring, I invite you to contemplate with me: What is enough? And what can you let go of?

Let’s find ways to let go!


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