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A Little About Freshness

All plants, be it vegetables or herbs, starts to degrade from the moment you harvest them. Here is why my herbal tea blends are fresh and potent:

  • All the herbs that are formulated in my tea blends are grown by me. It means that they did not travel from the other side of the world or stood in a warehouse.
  • Herbs that are roughly handled by machines degrade faster. Herbs that are grinded into small pieces or powder degrade even faster. I gently hand strip the leaves and flowers that I use in my tea blends from the stems.

How would you know that your tea is fresh?

You know that your tea is fresh and potent when:

  • The color of the leaves and flowers is vibrant as if they were just picked up.
  • The fragrance of your tea is close to the fragrance of its fresh version.
  • Your tea tastes fresh and invigorating.

If your pantry house tea is brown or grey it is time for you to let go and compost it.

“Lior’s tea blends are fabulous, and I particularly love her Lion’s Heart Tea blend. I find it really soothing and relaxing in the evening, helping to melt the stressors of the day away.”

Maria Noel Groves

Herbalist, Wintergreen Botanicals

“For the past three years, I have been enjoying Bee Fields Farm loose Tulsi Tea. I had been drinking a store-bought brand, but then met Lior at a Waldorf school holiday fair. She said her tea was more powerful than the brand I was drinking, and she was right! I have a stressful life. Tulsi keeps me calm and I am sleeping better! Thank you, Lior!”

Maria Sangiolo,

Pomfret, CT

“My first purchase of Sunset Tea was via Concord Farmers Market.
Love this tea and it works to relax me prior to bedtime. Thank You”

Susan Fowler

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