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The Health Benefits Of A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep has become a scarce commodity. Sleep is not a priority in a culture that values being busy with careers, children, and mobile devices. Add the sheer amount of stress that is part of modern life, which can lead to sleep disturbances, and you get a sleep-deprived...

What Is Root Medicine?

As fall slides into winter, stocking your pantry with roots that can boost your well-being seems like a better plan than taking a flu shot or stocking your medicine cabinet with pharmaceuticals. It’s about nourishing and supporting your body’s ecosystem to increase its resilience to disease.

What are demulcent herbs?

What are demulcent herbs?

Herbalist Jim Mcdonald calls it a superpower. Conventional medicine doesn’t have anything in its arsenal to match its action. What are these mysterious plants, and when and how to use them?

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